Friday, May 16, 2008

Dubai In Old Photos

Chicago Beach Hotel (where Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah Beach Hotel now are – "Jumeirah")

Dubai's First Traffic Lights

" Dubai 's Drivers have always been impatient, no more so than when waiting at Traffic Lights. The Drivers used to sound their car horns if they thought the lights were taking too long to change. For no apparent reason the Traffic Lights were switched off between midnight and 6 am. At least the Residents of the nearby Apartment Blocks could get some sleep. However no one needed an alarm clock! Promptly at 6am the car horns started again" J

Dubai's First Traffic Lights: Location Map

Dubai Clock Tower 1967: As seen from the Carlton Hotel

Taken from the roof of the Carlton Hotel in Diera in 1967. Clock Tower can be seen in the distance (arrow). In the centre of the photo is the old Dubai Municipality Building . Behind that is the Dubai Electricity Company's Power Station that supplied Dubai 's electricity. All the buildings in the foreground have been demolished.

Dubai Airport: 1960

Airport facilities were minimal. A compacted sand runway, a small terminal building and a service building formed Dubai 's Airport in the 1960s.

Dubai Airport: 1965

Dubai Airport: 1965

Dubai Airport: 1970s

A new Terminal Building and a hard surfaced runway had been built by the mid 1970s

Dubai Creek Dredging: 1950s

In the mid 1950s Dubai 's Creek filled with sand becoming very shallow and difficult to navigate. Dubai 's trade was affected. Diera's coastline was eroding and buildings and roads along the coast were threatened. Dubai 's Merchants and People were complaining.

Dubai Creek Dredging: Dredger

Sheikh Rashid solved the problem by employing Overseas AST to dredge Dubai Creek to 20 feet deep and make it navigable again. Dredge material was pumped ashore to reclaim new land areas on both sides of Dubai Creek. Dredged material was also used to recover Deira's Coastline and build the Deira Corniche.

Dubai Creek Dredging: Changing Dubai Creek

Dubai Police: Controlling Dubai's Traffic 1960s style

Doesn't appear to be too much traffic - non existent in fact! Must have been a major road junction in Old Dubai to have a Traffic Policeman on duty.

Dubai Police: Stopping Landrovers speeding in 1960s

Speed Cameras: Dubai Police were always keen to use technology to help their cause. Drivers had to keep a look out for VW Combi Vans parked on the side of the road!

Jumeirah Beach Road: Hatta Road

Hatta Road – Well do you see Academic city here J

Jumeirah Beach Road: Jumeirah Beach Road

Jumeriah Beach Road joined Jumeirah and Umm Sequiem to Dubai . Although the road shown here is tarmac, further towards Umm Sequiem the tarmac disappeared. The road did not lead anywhere and came to a dead end around where Burj Al Arab is today.

Sheikha leaving for wedding celebrations

Sheikha leaving for wedding celebrations

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum married his first cousin Sheikha Hind Bint Maktoum in 1979.

Ladies leaving for celebrations

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