Saturday, May 03, 2008

De-stress in Fujairah

Sick of navigating Dubai’s concrete jungle? Have no fear, relief is close at hand. Closer than you think, in fact.
A little over two hours’ drive from Dubai’s hectic life — where traffic snarls and shooting blood pressure are all in a day’s work — lies a place to recharge your batteries.
A place where you can remind yourself that there is more to life than staring for hours at the back of someone else’s car.
Welcome to Fujairah

Unique landscape
Fujairah is the youngest of the UAE’s seven emirates and geographically very different from the desert landscape that makes up the rest of the country.
The mountains offer a welcome change in scenery on the drive across from Dubai and you can almost feel your body unwind even as you approach the Indian Ocean.
It is here that Fujairah’s hotels are located, all within a few miles of each other.

Crown of the coast
Once you do see it, you wonder how on earth you missed it, but this is merely a measure of the sheer scale of the Hajar Mountains that hug the pristine coastline.

The Hajar Mountains help provide a climate more temperate than in the other emirates and at this time of year the mercury rests in the comfortable early 30s.

The coral reefs are home to exotic sea life and offer some of the best snorkelling and diving in the region.

The oldest mosque in the UAE, Al Bidiyah

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Zawi said...

When I see the sculptures of animals grandly disalyed in other Islamic Countries I often wonder why we cant have them in some parts of Malaysia. Soon they are going to demolish the 'Lang'in Langkawi which is not only a great landmark but also a tourist draw on that Island. Can't we be flexible abit on something that is already there? Maybe future landscapes will be without them but why not let something that is there remains?