Wednesday, April 02, 2008

UMNO = Circus

P. Ramlee was a genius and he did mention about UMNO = Circus long time ago in Bujang Lapok movie.


Raja said...

The late P Ramlee was a genius

Adely said...

sapa yg notice bnd ni, mmg kaki crita P. Ramlee.

HalwaGula said...

I don't think P Ramlee meant it that way. Alas, it was the 'circus' that helped him save his film career with the setting up Studio Filem Merdeka in Ulu Klang. The PAP govt in Singapore never gave any recognition to the Malay Film Industry. After P Ramlee decided to return to Malaysia, Jln Ampas studio and the Mly film industry in Spore collapsed. The Singapore govt didn't lift a finger to help. To them its 'good riddance'.