Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Searching For The Future PM of Malaysia

No, we are NOT talking about Anwar, Ku Li or Najib here.

There are 26 million souls in Malaysia and growing by day. Amongst these living souls, we may have geniuses, idiots, average, below/above average citizens who are essential ingredients to build a great nation. Everyone has his or her own roles irrespective of level of IQ, education or capabilities or political inclinations. We need each other to strenghten the team.

Unfortunately after 50 years of merdeka, we have a below average PM currently still sleeping at the helm, even after tsunami wrecked his wet dreams. Do not blame him for his lucky star to be there sleeping and getting paid, as he is the chosen one of our former PM, who now regrets to his last breath. We have to live with this curse for some time until somebody else comes to kick his ass out from the seat.

The problem with our leadership (national, state, party, association, corporate or kampung) is not taking seriously on succession plan. After 22 years on the top, Dr. M had 4 deputies and only one survived to become his cursed successor. Dr. M's great achievements or even mistakes are eclipsed by his last decision to appoint a 'clean' guy and the whole country is suffering and bleeding even with this elegant silence guy.

Looking at those current government leaders, from Najib down to members of elite group called Majlis Tertinggi and even to Pemuda/Puteri EXCOs, we have nothing but yes-men/women. Forget them as they will not be able to rise to the occasson with the baggage they carry.

Like Michael Jackson sings in his song, "I am not a fighter, I am a lover!"

There are some bright young leaders among the Pakatan Rakyat new MPs and ADUNs. Even the new Perak MB looks better than all the BN's MBs/CMs put together.

It is not a secret that the current PM's beloved son-in-law is planning for PMship before his 40th birthday. This Oxford graduate's dream nowadays looks like slipping away by the tsunami effects and post-tsunami dramas. But some politicians never die, a few now become bloggers!

Here in Dubai, my own boss is currently away in Harvard to attend 'Future Leaders of Dubai' program. A program to nurture and groom a pool of capable and excellent young Emirati executives to fill up leadership roles in public, corporate sectors, and even social/charity works.

This one year program will involve hands-on training in several countries, like USA, UK and SINGAPORE. I guess I know why Malaysia is not one of the chosen countries with the current force majeure.

Dubai has collaborated with Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy as well as Kennedy School of Harvard and has set up similar institution, Dubai School of Government. Again, our INTAN is out of sight. I have no idea on INTAN but I guess INTAN is a fine institution and has been churning a lot of good government high-ranking officials.

HH Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum says, "the leaders of tomorrow are our focus and the foundation of our future".

With the growing number of university students, what we need is to repel and abolish all those draconian acts like university and college act that stifles the students freedom of speech/expressions and activities. These students will be our future leaders and asset, let them free to grow with ideas and missions.

They can be rebels, very vocal, anti-establishment within democratic space. They can be aspired and inspired to strive for social justice. Well, there are thousands unemployed graduates out there who are now againts the government for their predicaments.

There is one good satirical write-up by one if its dissidents on Singapore obessions about leadership sucession. Never mind Lee Kuan Yew (and son) is building a dynasty by grooming his grand children for future PM. It is another story.

Singapore is also facing massive brain drains among the bright young men and women. But looking at a positive perspective, it is something that we have to start planning to get a pool of talented and capable young leaders to manage our nation.

In Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew has now in search for future Prime Minister (his son)

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Jin Pakai Tuncit said...

tepat sekali, bro!

but it's guys like you that give me hope. insyallah, we'll make it.

Zawi said...

Do we groom those intelligent ones to be the successor? No they are too smart and won't toe the line when told to do so. Best thing to do is find the mediocre ones with a dossier full of misdeeds that can be held against them when you want them to toe the line.
Anwar was against the University College Act when he was a student. Did he do anything about it when he was in a position of power?

bluesky said...

Bro you're right!!! We just compare Malaysia and Singapore, we bit them in all aspect.....but why today we're behind Singapore!!! The answer is CORRUPTION....if not we are far...better then Singapore.

tbsbidayuh said...

Penyamun always appointed penyamun. Thus, those appointed one was asked to continue the penyamun way of governance.

That is why we have plenty of donkeys in the parliament because our ministers are Senior Cambridge grads.

more at

irfan said...

Haiya..itulah pasal..u yg tak tau

About AUKU, it looked like nothing happened when Anwar Ibrahim became the Minister of Education. Well, off course nothing happened because Dr. Mahathir did not endorse Anwar's proposal to ammend the AUKU!

As a leader, off course Anwar would discuss this with his boss without going straight to the media like some others do. Then suddenly the boss did not agree, so he took a decision to wait untill he becomes PM himself in order to ammend it..but sadly he was denied to be the PM.

Then bila dia dah kluar, PM was not his boss anymore, tu yang boleh buka semua rahsia kerajaan tu!

I know this for a matter of fact because Datuk Wan Zahid is a close friend of our family. He told us this.

Tu yang saya boleh bagitau. Kalau tak percaya then pergi lah check sendiri. Then u will know

Zawi said...

Allow me to address irfan.
Thank you for the explanation. If it comes from Datuk Wan Zaid then its the truth. Now I understand why.