Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Peluang Kerjaya di UAE

Saya telah menyelenggara Kerja Dubai blog sejak setahun lalu.

Ini untuk menghebahkan apa-apa jawatan kosong yang ada disiarkan di mana-mana.

Terbaru iklan dari du, telco kedua UAE.

du (UAE Second Telco) IS CALLING YOU
Billing Testing Specialist
Content Management Specialist
Senior Contact Centre Manager
Electro-Mechanical Engineer
Radio Planning Manager
Personal Assistant
Traffic Routing Manager
Manager - International Voice
HR Specialist (Payroll & Admin)
Business Center Manager
Call Centre Supervisor
Systems Support Analyst
Billing Operations Assistant
Billing Support Manager
: Manager Professional Services (Client ICT Strategy)
Contact Centre Manager - Front Office
Quality Assurance Manager
Senior Account Manager

dan banyak lagi di Kerja Dubai


Zawi said...

May I have your email address? Tried to look it up at all your blogsite, I guess I am too dumb to find it.Please send it to me at mohdzawi@gmail.com.

Pesa said...

Mr Fudzail,
having the same problem with Zawi, cant find your email...can you please forward it to me at pesainc@gmail.com. Thanks alot

d E A n A said...

salam mr fudzail,
diana here..
im looking forward to work in dubai, but i do understand that i might be some problem in terms of my qualifications,here is my email addrs karlene283@gmail.com