Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim in Abu Dhabi Today - 15 April 08

After Black 14 event in Kg. Baru, we were informed that Anwar flew to Abu Dhabi. About 120km away from my office in Palm Jebel Ali. Last time he was here a few days before election announcement by Pak Lah.

Like his previous visits, some of us, hard core Pakatan rakyat supporters who dare to show our faces under surveillance, would like to meet him, even at the airport. It would be nice to greet the PM-in-waiting, but as per his message to a friend here,

Anwar Ibrahim wrote:
Maaf pak, harus terus pulang.
Selesai mesy ada wawancara panjang dgn alarabia

Anwar Ibrahim wrote: Maaf. 8 jam di abu dhabi dan pulang. Sila beritahu teman-teman. Wassalamualaikum

Some corporate top guns that I know were also eager to meet up with Anwar, well, have to tune to Al Arabia channel now!

My former big boss here is one of Anwar's big fans. In one of board meetings, upon seeing me walking and passing the meeting room, suddenly he just stopped me and asked in front of the other bewildered board members, "How soon will Anwar be released from prison?"

When Anwar was sentenced to imprisonment, he called me early in the morning (we are 4 hours behind Malaysia) to inform how he was really upset and would not turn up to the office.

When Mahathir was to visit our office, this big boss already left the company but when I informed him about the pending visit as I was given the task by the new big boss to be the person-in-charge, he told me "Ask that bugger not to come, he is not WELCOME here!"

I managed to get him to see Anwar last year and how happy he was (now he is in-charge of USD billions local funds...:) to see 'brother Anwar'.

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