Friday, March 07, 2008


Dear Raja Petra

Your malaysia-today is phenomenal in any way. For us living overseas, malaysia-today is our morning, afternoon and evening consumptions. It is no longer an alternative but already a mainstream media.

Most of us who cari makan overseas do not have privileges like 221,085 postal voters. Most of us could not go home to vote this election. Like I did for previous two elections. This time, rather than flying home, I transferred some funds for certain candidates, the best I could do to support for a better Malaysia, even though opposition may lose one vote.

From malaysia-today, like other overseas Malaysians, I have been browsing blogs and other alternative online papers to get the latest up-to-date, by the minute information on the ground.

Feeling hopeless, frustrated and dejected for not being able to be in the thick of actions. I could have been going rounds to campaign. I could have been knocking on doors or speaking on the stage to the crowd.

I could have been with thousands other Malaysians in rallies to listen to the opposition leaders. To show that we are no fools during government machinery is working over time and all out to potray BN's cemerlang, gemilang, terbilang, TEMBERANG.

We are all out for change. New hopes for our children.

Enough of years under one party rules. BN ruins our nation last 4 years. Enough of UMNO and BN's lies. Deny the crooks 2/3 majority in parliament. Let them fall and be penalised for years of lies.

It is already about decade after reformasi. An era that took me into the streets and political conscience. I lost my job immediately after 1999 election for standing up againts the injustice. I had no regret as I had duly served my country for democracy.

In the process I have gained more as a self-imposed exile, as an expatriate who competes with international talents. Do I need UMNO for that? NO.

Mahathir, the one I hated most had gone into semi-oblivion and his hand-picked successor is nothing but a fake Mr. Clean. Pak Lah is a fraud. His Hadhari is a sham. I blame Mahathir for the blunder which is costing our nation and future generation dearly.

But as we speak, I am very much thrilled and excited to read on the kebangkitan rakyat all over the country. They have spoken and hopefully will prove their commitments for a change in the 'transparent' ballot boxes on March 6.

Tomorrow would be another history. I pray for that.

Yes, there will be phantom voters roaming around critical constituencies. Yes, the swings will be like tsunami and BN has to take some desperate measures under SPR, Police and immigration scams. Yes, BN will definitely return to power with cheats, lies, scams and threats. Yes, most BN scumbags and crooks will return to parliament and state assemblies for another term.

Yes, I believe in God and I believe God has the best plan.

Then again, it will be sleepless in Dubai!


Nor said...

We'll be part of the witness Malaysia G changing to Barisan Rakyat!!It will happen tomorrow brother!

buTTerFLowEr said...

this may be too late. i don't follow politics much. politics r too dirty the last time i bothered to know about. haha...

being a katak bwh tempurung (i ignore newspaper n tv) it was shocking to know a few days after the votes are counted that KJ made ppl recount his votes 3x. and he won by some 11k majority from the initial lost of 500. see how corrupted that guy is? y did he ask them to recount votes 3x? 1x sudah la... i can't believe there's such a guy to rule the country.

my logic couldn't grasp the 11k difference and 3x recount. some few hundreds of difference is ok la but 11k?! even 500 is not really easy to catch up with cz if ppl don't want to vote they won't. i wondered how the tukang kira could accidentally forgot to count the 12k votes. hmm...

i say aye to bn/umno wakils if they really do their jobs well n not habiskan duit rakyat only. but those are rare gems. most of them are corrupted. next time i hope bn will do a spring cleaning. get rid of the busuk ones :P aye to zulhasnan for winning in my area although i'm not pro bn

can't wait to see if ba could topple the bn majority ("we didn't win 2/3 majority, but we still are the majority" by bn corrupts should be silenced)