Sunday, March 09, 2008

Muka Depan Suratkhabar Malaysia 9 Mac 2008

Sejarah tercipta, era baru untuk Malaysia dan apakah media perdana akan berubah?


idham said...

Time the Time to have some real courage to report the truth - fairly and openly.

but those look like good headlines!!


yatim said...

Time has come for BN to stop using race and religion to win votes. M'sian are wiser now and they have proved it. The basic principles of fairness, justice, equality, being humble and being truthful must return in M'sian politics. HIDUP RAKYAT, HIDUP MALAYSIA.

rewang said...

I guess some of us can consider returning to help build our country on a level playing field.

taufique said...

Its about time some other people were given chances to make progress.

But hopefully these new leaders dont fall prey to the same corruption and greed, and instead, work for the people, enriching everyone.

redkop said...

I hope the gomen realise that politics based on race and religion has no place in the local political arena wef 08-03-2008 and that we all shall be known as Bangsa Malaysia not bangsa Melayu, Cina or India. I hope that the opposition will keep the rural folks inform of what is really going on in the local political arena.