Saturday, March 29, 2008

Malaysia Book of Crooks

Most of us are aware about the Malaysia Book of Records.

The web site says:

Intriguing, impressive records keep pouring in, the new beginning embarked upon is an unending journey. Hopes, aspirations, inspirations are ignited bu act with uncommon haste.
Our country still gains much admiration for its beauty; awestruck at the grandeur of the immortal records and unconventional accomplishments set by our country folks

There are currently 9 categories available. But most links on the site are dead. It shows the cheap site is hardly impressive to be a hit.
Most so-called records are just nothing much to shout about, like in 'Inspiring The Nation' section, the first entry is 'Longest Jalur Gemilang on the Great Wall of China'. What is that to inspire our nation? Why not the longer Jalur Gemilang on the moon?
Pak Lah who is running the country on sleep mode and after the election fiasco, on borrowed time, appears smiling with this sentence - One never underestimate the human mind, it can transform thoughts into spectacular results.

He may tell that to himself, never underestimate the rakyat, they can change the political map in a spectacular act of no-confidence to you!

We have a lot more interesting records to be compiled into a book which can be a best-seller as well as reference to past 'achievements' of BN leaders-cum-crooks in their glory days.

There are a lot of crooks out there who are well known, some with well documented cases, some with living proof (remember the infamous Istana in Klang) and with recent change of governments are easy to be discovered even though a lot of confidential files are either missing of shredded from the cabinets.

Lim Kit Siang wrote in his blog, Malaysian crooks are the smartest in the world. And Malaysian policing authorities are the dumbest.

Trillions ringgit gone into thin air, literally into bank accounts. We have to bring the crooks to book. It is not witch hunting exercise as in recent Sun interview with Anwar Ibrahim:

Terence: But you are not going on a witchhunt, are you?
Anwar: I think it will be a problem for us, because it is endless. Then we will spend the next two years just doing this instead of running the states that we won.

STAR today reports:

Land fraud cases took place in 2003, says CM

Saturday, 29 March 2008
(The Star) - PENANG: The “land improprieties” involving “tens and tens of millions of ringgit” here which is under probe by a special state exco committee occurred back in 2003, said Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.
He said although the previous state administration and the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) had completed investigation into the matter, the present administration was not happy with the outcome of the probe.
“There are many parties involved,” he told a press conference yesterday.

R. Nadeswaran in his Citizen Nades column mentions:-

In Selangor, Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim says he is going to review a water supply agreement entered into by the previous state government with two
companies on the eve of polling day, all because the agreement – to operate, manage and maintain the raw water intake and the treatment plant at Sungai Sireh, Tanjung Karang – is lopsided in favour of certain quarters with an interest in the concession agreement.
"I have noticed there is some imbalance between the revenues (that would have been accorded) to the state and the people. It may have enriched the people who got the concession," Khalid was quoted as saying. "Because of this, I will review this agreement," he added.
Latest from kudaranggi on Mat Taib dan hartanya

There are thousands more similar misdemeanours among the BN leaders, families, cronies and little napoleons.

Yes, we really need bring the crooks to book, 'Malaysia Book of Crooks'!


ck said...

Yes BKR must run the states they won but it is also important to bring the crooks to book no matter what, no matter how long it takes.

Only then i am convinced the government of the day is serious of cleaning up all the 'shits' that have stained our beautiful Malaysia.

Sean E said...

Unchecked corruption, rampant abuse of power (ISA, OSA), rising crime rate (ineffective police force), unresolved illegal immigrants, biased Election commission, the list is endless. The only way for the rakyat to have their view heard (albeit once every 4 years) is through the ballot box.

If you want to have a better future for our children in Malaysia, do your part by signing the on-line petition at

Don’t just sit there, stand up and be counted! We want a fair and transparent election.


1) Gerrymandering. The difference in number of voters between constituents is too great. The smallest parliamentary seat in Malaysia, Putrajaya (won by former Tourism Minister Tengku Adnan Mansor) has only 6,608 voters while the parliamentary seat for Kapar in Selangor has 112,224 voters.

2) Phantom voters. A common tactic is to ‘buy’ the identity card of a voters. Other people will then vote on the voter’s behalf. Currently, checking of a person’s identity is cursory. Now you know why the indelible ink was withdrawn at the last minute by the SPR (Election Commission).

3) Postal votes. The current rule favours the ruling party as the armed forces personnel and policemen who vote by ‘postal voting’ would obviously not jeopardize their career or promotion prospect by voting for the opposition.

4) Spoiled votes. How do we define spoiled votes. Can unscrupulous people turn good votes into spoiled votes (say by adding one more x to the ballot paper). In areas in which the winning margin is razor thin, the so-called spoiled votes are critical.