Tuesday, March 25, 2008

DUBAI : Insects in your food can get you discounts

By Alice Johnson, Staff Reporter
Published: March 25, 2008, 00:34

Dubai: Finding creepy crawlies in your food now gets you a special 'bug in food' discount.
Seven diners at a Dubai restaurant were given this insect discount for four bugs they found crawling around in their meals.

S.H. said: "We were surprised when the receipt said 'bug on food' as a reason for the discount. I think they were trying to be funny. I said one or two bugs might be funny, but four is not funny anymore."

The diners accepted a 25 per cent discount, but didn't find staff 'bug' jokes funny.

The Operations Manager said: "I agree that the 'bug on food' detail on the receipt was an inappropriate detail. It was a misunderstanding from our side - the guys thought being friendly and having a joke about the environment would relax the diners because it was a birthday, but unfortunately it didn't.

"It was a misunderstanding in the way it has been managed, it's not mismanagement."

It's not clear whether more bugs equals more discount, but perhaps 16 live bugs means the meal is free.

Readers' comments
There is no compromise for finding out there was insect in your food. Sanitation must be ensured in all restaurants. What about the children eating in these restaurants?
Ann, Dubai,UAE
I don't eat out anymore as I find it very difficult to find a restaurant that is clean enough (according to my standards).
Maryam, Sharjah,UAE
I have just one word for it ... disgusting!
Mercy, Dubai,UAE
I'm shocked to find out they had to pay for the meal! I'm sorry but 25 per cent won't do it for me. There is no way I would pay one fil if I found anything alive/with four legs in my plate.
Mohammed, Dubai, UAE
I eat only in 5-star hotels, as I think at least the minimum standards are observed and carried out.
Sanya, Abu Dhabi,UAE
Come on guys! Eating bugs intentionally or unintentionally has become so common these days one should not be bother about a crawling insect on his food.
Ali, Dubai,UAE
The material imported from various countries to fight rodents is of inferior quality. I had anti-rodent gel applied in my home and when my wife accidentally tasted it, she found that it was like peanut butter. So how do you expect the rodents to disappear? The municipality needs to come down heavy-handed on pest control companies.
Ebrahim, Abu Dhabi,UAE
The root cause of this scenario is due to the unhygienic conditions of the hotels. The bugs are not only found in the hotels, but also seen in most of the residences. Pest control measures should be strictly taken by the authorities, even by charging building owners/ tenants, to reduce the pests.
Ramesh, Abu Dhabi, UAE
It is ridiculous that they have given a 25 per cent discount, it is like a slap in the face. If a restaurant is careless enough to let an insect in the food then they should provide the eaters with new dishes on the house, and not just a 25 per cent discount. How ridiculous is that! Go to the States and see the faces of the waiters and managers if an insect is found in the food. They get terrified and provide food on the house and give free deserts.
Jeff, Dubai, UAE
Honestly, did they think joking about BUGS would let them get away with it? It's funny how they actually wrote that on the bill. Do they call it the "creepy crawly discount"?
Salman, Sharjah,UAE
The Operations Manager said it was a misunderstanding and not mismanagement. But I say that it is a case of mismanagement. He should have taken the appropriate measure to handle the situation instead of inserting some ridiculous joke into this.
Ruben, Dubai,UAE
I too have seen many cockroaches in food and in hotel kitchens. Dubai Municipality needs to check the hotel kitchens on regular intervals but they should be surprise checks, so that they are not aware of the inspection time and date, this is how the kitchen staff and the owners will show improvement. Not only that, but many of the chefs, cooks and the waiters I have seen putting fingers in their nose and serving the food, or cleaning perspiration from their faces and using the same hands for cooking and serving. Hair in the food is a common sight.
Usha, Dubai,UAE
To find crawling insects in your food is ridiculous, it's unsanitary. Do you think you can still eat the food even if you found that there were insects crawling or even dead ones? This incident should be look upon by the Ministry of Health and the restaurant should be penalised. Let them do their homework and learn the proper hygiene. The UAE is not only dealing with ordinary people and expats, they are dealing with the tourists, who are the backbone of the industry.
Roberto, Dubai,UAE
I have found bugs lot of times.
Bipin Dubai,UAE

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