Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dr. M, Vincent and That Tengku had a same Tok Guru

I could not help but to feel a bit amused to read about so-called one prominent corporate leader meeting Anwar Ibrahim recently. The same Vincent who was deemed to be a part of the conspiracy team to topple and sham Anwar late 90s as claimed by Anwar thousands times.

The article reminded me of someone that I used to know in Dubai few years back. A friend introduced to me a spiritual Tok Guru or ahli Sufi . We call him BN who was one of few that Dr. M had sought for advice before pegging RM to USD during financial crisis a decade ago.

The late BN hailed from Pakistan and highly regarded among those who knew him as a great spiritual leader. His world wide network was extensive including Dr. M, Benazir and surprise, surprise, Vincent and his corporate buddy as well partner-in-crime as mentioned during Lingamgate Royal Inquiry, that Tengku (who was not born as Tengku but later named himself a Tengku even before his father became a Tengku).

I am not sure whether that 'It looks like and Sounds like' Lingam was also one of BN's anak murids. I would not be shocked now to know if he was indeed a member of the spiritual circle.
Personally, I was also impressed with BN with his capability to tell about my life and family tree even it was our first meeting. According to my friend, BN was known to give accurate predictions to a lot of things and events that occured. Hence his closeness with certain world figures.
Everytime he was in Dubai, I would join my friend to chat with BN who did not read newspapers or watch TV but still was very up-to-date with the latest happenings in the world. He spoke in urdu so I had my friend to translate our conversations. I was curious to know a lot of things from the other side of the supernatural world and a lot of questions raised but not necessarily answered.
The story is more interesting as once I was in KL with BN and my friends from Dubai. It was 2003.

In KL, Vincent and that Tengku came over to the hotel to meet their tok guru and even they kissed BN hands humbly. I was informed earlier that those two buddies were also anak murids or followers of this BN but did not really believe it. I would never believe Vincent had a muslim tok guru...would you?
Interestingly, I got to know that both 'It looks like and Sounds like' Lingam friends were not really liked by BN due to their tainted images and activities. However, both had had high regards to BN and I assumed both had also received a lot of spiritual guidance from BN.

It is amusing that these two tokeh judi had a same Tok Guru with our former PM and wonder why this conection was not mentioned during Lingamgate hearing. I am also waiting for Dr. M's biography if he ever writes about BN's influence in his life and how close these three well-known guys are over the years, even to share a same tok guru.

It could be EXPLOSIVE indeed!


Fadhallalah said...

Interesting. No wonder they have been consulting Bomohs and sorcerers. You mean Mahatir also practices sorcery as well? I can see! I think when Anwar takes over soon, he will start to force the gang to talk about their Bomohs and witchs. Ha he!

boon said...

is it a coincidence that BN's initials are indeed BN? another twist of the super natural!!!! haha

and i thought all the success and political prowess shown by our elite leaders was from being and responsible....

alas NO...they were like they were by divine influence!!!!

no wonder they feel totally above the law...even immortal!!!!

with BN behind u...who can fail!!!

i dont know why the BN connection wasnt made in the Lingamgate case...who ever really knows what goes on anyways...

unless of course the panel set up to investigate the case are also anak murid of BN...

the plot thickens...

eisham said...

many people voice out their unhappiness about TDM and start saying something bad about him. I do not know why but one thing I'm sure, if this old man did something wrong throughout his tenure of office of PM, for sure current PM will use it to shut his mouth. This is something easy to understand. He keeps on embarrassing Pak Lah administration and we found Pak Lah unable to stop him. This makes me think that most of you are too emotional.

Jay said...

Sounds like a bomoh/supernatural consultant than a sufi teacher. Please don't confuse people with this bomoh acting as "orang sufi".

khairi said...

it is sad to know ppl love to read this kinda thing & easily influenced by anything from the internet these days. bukakla pekong2 org... buruk2 kanlah pasal org...kiamat nanti korang tau la azab2 korang.... amin