Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Country For UMNO/BN Rogues

I’m really important back home

A man claiming to be the ambassador representing a self-proclaimed independent sovereign state in Australia has appeared before judges in Dubai charged with fraud. The 48-year-old is charged with issuing false passports and attempting to sell land to UAE residents under false pretences.

The Iranian insisted at the Court of First Instance yesterday that he is the ambassador to the Hutt River Principality, 517km from Perth, and should be treated as a diplomat.

The ‘principality’ was founded in 1970 under its leader Leonard George Casley, who declared the area’s independence from the Commonwealth of Australia. Casley was elected administrator of the new ‘sovereign state’ by his family and later gave himself the title of His Royal Highness Prince Leonard of Hutt.

The rogue ‘state’ covers 75 square kilometres in area, has around 20 permanent residents and 13,000 passport holders. It minted its first coins in 1976 and uses the Hutt River Dollar as currency. Neither Australia nor any other international entity formally acknowledges that the ‘state’ exists. Denying charges of fraud and attempted fraud, the defendant told judges: “I am an ambassador and I have been in jail for 70 days although I am a diplomat.

”Asked why he didn’t appear on a list of foreign diplomats, he told the court: “We are not listed yet as we have only recently started our registration here in Dubai. We are trying to open up an embassy here in Dubai and I would like you to release me on bail so I can get the documents to prove this.

”He is charged along with two others, a 28-year-old Pakistani and a 36-year-old woman from France. All deny the charges against them. The three have been released on bail and the trial has been adjourned until a later date.

The official web site for the principality states that it came into being following a long-running dispute with the government of Western Australia over wheat quotas. The site states: “If anyone asks has our secession succeeded? Then we simply say - we are still here”.

Above article from 7DAYS General and Local News

From Gulf News below:-

Australian embassy: Province not recognised

According to the official website of the Principality of Hutt River,, it is situated 595km north of Perth, Western Australia and consists of some 18,500 acres of land.

It states that Hutt River is an Independent Sovereign State having seceded from Australia on April 21, 1970. It adds its Prince Leonard named parts of the Principality with such identities as Lake Beginning, Mount Secession, Lake Serenity and Wild Boar Gorge.

Last October, the Australian Embassy in the UAE posted on its website a statement in which the Ambassador Jeremy Bruer said the Embassy had learned an office purporting to represent the "Hut River Province" was operating in Dubai and allegedly selling travel documents. He said the Australian Government did not recognise the province legally or in any other way.

The statement said the Hutt River Province is a privately owned wheat-growing property."It has no separate sovereignty and remains subject to the Australian Constitution and the laws of Australia."

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