Monday, March 31, 2008

Abuya Is Back - The PM in Waiting

Like our former PM, the one and only Dr. M, yes, politicians never die, they just become annoying and irrelevant, now maybe they just become glamorous bloggers.

They make noises to be heard. Dr. M for example wanna be a modern day maverick superhero. He claims thousand times that he is innocent and clean from any wrongdoings while 22 years in power. Except of putting that Imam Hadhari as his successor and not putting Anwar in jail for the rest of his natural life.

Most old, retired or dropped politicians have to be seen vocal and macho regardless of irrelevancy. Otherwise, people or rather mainstream media just ignore and forget about them. The rest who once walked arrogantly in corridors of power are faded into oblivion or lavishly enjoying the loots with millions to spend before going to hell.

Sometimes, with a lot of hard bargains, persuasions, ampuism and begging, some of these never-say-die buggers may make a sudden comeback and return to the limelight. You'd never know that people like notorious ZAM might return to haunt our lives with vengeance, either as a blogger or attention beggar in the media-that-he-used-to-charge-like-his-father's.

After the political tsunami that consequently wrecked havoc in ruling party, who'd guess that the former MB with 2 Muhammads in his name (who was famously detained in OZland for carrying millions in sack and did not understand any English) has returned to political mainstream with a bang.

Another supposedly rebel, Shahril Samad who had been there, ups and downs, out and in, had also returned to the cabinet after lapse of 2o years or so.

Here we go again, there is another former mainstream and high-flying leader who was detained and had confessed live on TV for his deviant activities is now returned to shape the future of our nation with strong political statements.

He may be in bad shape but he will thrust again into prominence as prophecy says he is gonna be the one.

Move Anwar, Tengku Razaleigh or Najib Al Tantuya aside, we have another candidate as a PM in Waiting.

Abuya now speaks perfect ENGLISH (Mat Tyson and ZAM may have to learn from him)!

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