Monday, February 18, 2008

Malaysian Election For Idiots

The list is not exhaustive, please continue.

  1. Election Commission of Malaysia is an unofficial component of Barisan Nasional
  2. The chairman of Election Commission of Malaysia is an UMNO member
  3. The current chairmanship of Election Commission of Malaysia had expired but was extended under Constitutional Amendment Bill. It was so obviously being rushed through to keep him the job as to insult to both the Constitution and Parliament.
  4. The main functions of Election Commission are to follow any orders from Barisan Nasional chairman and to ensure Barisan Nasional win by hook or by crook
  5. The policy of the Election Commission is to safeguard, supervise and maintain the undemocratic process of the country through not free and unfair elections
  6. Election Commission will spend RM200 million for the election, deploying 149,000 staff and 50,000 casual staff including helicopter pilots and boat navigators on behalf of Barisan Nasional.
  7. The election date is always based on feng shui and wet dreams of Prime Minister
  8. Malaysia’s population is now around 26 million. About 15 million Malaysians are eligible to vote but only 10,701,054 voters are registered either by themselves or somebody else
  9. Not all of these 10,701,054 registered voters will cast their votes on polling day
  10. Not all of these 10,701,054 registered voters are alive any time on polling day
  11. Not all of these 10,701,054 registered voters know they are in the registration list and their constituencies
  12. Some of these 10,701,054 registered voters can be transferred any where without their knowlegde any time of the year
  13. The electoral rolls is deliberately contaminated by Election Commission with the names of the dead, non-citizens, multiple registrations and the under-aged, to ensure election outcomes are determined by phantoms rather than citizens as per instructions of Barisan Nasional.
  14. Most of the deads among 10,701,054 registered voters will return from their graves to cast their votes for Barisan Nasional on polling day
  15. Lingam or 'It looks like me, It sounds like me' Lingam may or may not cast his votes coincidentally with any of former chief justices at the same time
  16. Phantom voters are people with other persons' identities and original faked ICs from National Registration Department but can never be caught as long as they are voting for Barisan Nasional on polling day
  17. The phantom voters are here to stay as the government responded to the Likas verdict by changing the Election Act so that election outcome can no longer be challenged on the grounds of electoral roll validity
  18. The extent of irregularities and fraudulent registrations is part of the chairman's KPIs and quantum of bonus
  19. For years, elections have seen high number of missing ballots in many constituencies but Election Commission chairman always closes both eyes and ears but not his smelly mouth
  20. Spoilt votes are counted again and again to spoil the outcome if necessary
  21. There are always power breakdowns during ballots counting in certain critical areas
  22. Mal-apportionment and gerrymandering of constituencies have gone from bad to worse with the 2002 constituency re-delineation exercise but who cares as long as Barisan Nasional is the government
  23. There are 221,085 postal voters mainly military and police personnel whose votes normally casted by their superiors
  24. Only 4 categories of Malaysian Citizens who are overseas qualify to register as postal voters under Elections (Registration of Electors) Regulation, 2002 and they are all Barisan Nasional supporters only
  25. Postal voters do not necessarily cast their ballots by post or even exist at all
  26. Indelible Ink is not necessarily indelible for phantom voters
  27. Transparent ballot boxes are implemented to enrich certain cronies of Barisan Nasional
  28. Ballot papers without serial numbers would be used in this election but your votes are not necessarily secret
  29. Opposition parties can have access to the Government controlled print and broadcast media as long as they make fool of themselves
  30. There will be thousands of opposition supporters joining Barisan Nasional and all over the media before polling day
  31. Thousands of people will attend opposition rallies but they are not registered voters
  32. The opposition parties will be bickering and quarelling all over the media even before nomination day
  33. Nomination day is like a festival with a lot of drama and actions before both supporters kick each other and Barisan Nasional supporters are always the innocent victims
  34. This election is the same time for ZAM's erection
  35. There are a lot of cash, kain pelikat, kain batiks with Barisan Nasional stamp available for free during campaign period and on polling day than any other days of the year
  36. Mat Rempits with Barisan Nasional t-shirts and flags will be kings of the roads
  37. Barisan Nasional will return to power with more than 2/3 majority even with only 40 percent popular votes

You know but who cares that:-

  • It is an offence to provide food, drinks or refreshments with a view to induce voters to either vote for a particular candidate or not vote at all.
  • It is illegal to provide monetary rewards for voting for a certain candidate.
  • It is an offence to threaten a person to vote for a candidate or not to vote. In 2004 this was extended to include "spiritual threats".
  • It is an offence to obstruct passage to and from a voting centre. Setting up a location for any candidate within 50 yards (50 m) of the voting centre is an offence. Similarly, loitering in this zone is also an offence. Only voters are allowed in this zone on voting day.
  • It is technically an offence to provide transportation to a voting centre. However, this is not normally enforced as all parties do this to some degree. It is a further offence to use a vehicle that is normally rented out (such as a taxi or hired bus) to provide such transportation. The only exception to this is that it is allowed to provide for the crossing of rivers. No passengers of any vehicle can be forced to alight within 50 yards of a candidate's booth on voting day.
  • Each candidate is not allowed to spend more than RM 200,000 (parliamentary) or RM 100,000 (state) for campaigning under Section 19 of the Elections Offences Act, 1954. It has been alleged, however, that the governing Barisan Nasional coalition spent around RM1.5 billion in the 2004 general election, far more than the RM94,300,000 permitted under the regulations.[4]


Athlene said...

boleh saya sarankan pengamat undi membawa lampu meja sendiri supaya tidak ada dispute bila letrik terpotong semasa mengundi.


Johnny Ong said...

letrik terpotong bukan semasa mengundi tapi semasa mengira undi. walaubagaimanapun, masa mengundi pada waktu siang, tak perlu lampu meja.harap maklum.