Monday, February 11, 2008

Clowns and Masks

The circus comes to town.

The circus brings a lot of clowns.
These clowns are here to entertain the crowd with their performances.
Everyone loves clowns. Clowns love the crowd.
You can laugh, you can cheer, you can boo and you can ignore them.
Some clowns are paid, some are available for free
and you never now, some may be pretenders for something sinisters.

There are a lot of clowns around any time of the year,
not only in the mainstream media, parliament and (political) parties but also on the streets.
With the circus in town, suddenly there are more clowns than advertised in the posters.

Out of nowhere, Chief Clown who suddenly appears everywhere and claims he is working very very hard to cheer us up with a lot of new humourous corridors and variety of goodies.
His son-in-law-clown is also working very very hard
to entertain more clowns, soon-to-be-clowns,
clowns-of-the-day, clowns-to-be and clowns-to-be-not-to-be.
The new clown team is indeed in the making.

Clowns nowadays have different masks to disguise themselves for different crowds. Sometimes, these clowns have their own mysterious identities even though they have different masks to move around with ease.

At the end of the day, these colourful or sometime bland clowns with not-so-funny characters and antics are the potraits of our choice in life!

When the circus is over, we may become them as we were sold by the grand pathetic show and they, these elected clowns with or without masks have the last LAUGH.

Soon the prime time clowns will laugh all the way to the banks with your hard-earned money and bleak future!

Until the next circus, if ever, comes to town!

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