Saturday, May 05, 2007

May Is Here

I was talking to a colleague on how time flew when there were so many tasks, new things to learn and personal matters to attend to.
He said, it was already Thursday and weekend was already here.
I told him, May was already here and next month would be half of the year. Half year about to be gone and life is shorter by the minutes.

He looked at me while trying to absorb the meaning of my remark.

On my table there are tender documents to be reviewed before invitations are called. There are also designs of certain utility infrastructure to be reviewed and commented. Not to mention some other brochures and profiles to be reviewed.
I want to start writing a new cerpen which the storyline has been dwelling and growing in my mind. I want to start writing a series of teenage novels based on my kids' experience for some time now. I want ot read certain books. I want to sit for my PMP exam and become a certified project manaer. I want to write my master thesis. I want to finalise some business deals.
I want to plan for summer holidays in europe and Malaysia.
I may just have to concentrate on work and other businesses for now.
I am already 43.....