Saturday, April 28, 2007

Losing Another Battle

In my life, I have faced so many disappointments and rejections, both personal and professional levels.
As a kampung boy, I used to dreaming of going to a residential school but never good enough to be considered even tholugh there were several times I managed to be the best student at different levels.
Allah is the best Planner of all, looking back, I have little regrets since so far life has been wonderful.

Reading the outcome of Ijok's state election, reminded me of those battles that I'd lost before. I felt terrible sorry for those reformists and fighters who had lost another battle. I can feel the disappointments....but life has to go on.
The other side has used whatever means, illegal, immoral, unlawful and inhuman for a desperate victory.
Yes, they won and the winner will take all (So, will not read msian papers next 1 week as the news and reports will only be about the victory).

However, for our Malaysian team here, we managed to maul Singapore team in an entertaining game..