Monday, April 23, 2007

Ijok is Surpassing Dubai's Speed Of Development!

The circus is back in town, well, Ijok and being here in Dubai, cannot help but very much interested on the updates from the ground. It is never enough of reading through blogs, websites and online papers, I feel like flying home and be a part of the actions....but office works are just piling up with meeting schedules as busy as those VIPs in Ijok.

I flew home during last general election and actively campaigned for opposition. 1999's election was the best so far, even I gave speeches on the stage and I was sacked due to that, I guess.
Anwar Ibrahim was in Dubai several weeks ago and managed to catch up with him while having sips of cuppachino at Rotana. I still have kind of admiration towards this man. Yes, his charisma, charms and aura do have an impact every time around him. Well, I was one of those thousand supporters in 1998 who went into the streets protesting and demostrating, chanting anti-mahathir, anti-government and still have the same feelings towards the establishment. I hate corruptions, abuse of power and all those ills associated with the current leadership.
I received an email from Ijok, a friend who is scared of SBs marauding around his office and home (yes, he is a gomen man). Even teachers are already warned about voting opposition candidate.

But his last words were hilarious indeed....Ijok is now surpassing Dubai in terms of speed of developments, believe it.......after being igonred for last 50 years, suddenly Ijok is the centre of the nation and the stake is very high indeed. Altantuya or not, life would never be the same for Ijok folks.

My doa to Tan Sri Khalid and Ijok folks who want to make a change and a brave statement, we HATE CORRUPTION!