Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Summer Bachelor Begins

My family flew home today.
My wife was busy preparing the whole luggage while completing her research work (to and fro Abu Dhabi). She would like to immediately visit our uncle who is still in coma after a freak accident in kampung.
Abang brought along his guitar and would like to taste the char kow teau. I met his principal in the morning about getting him to sit for O level next semester instead another year. The principal was supportive as Abang is the best student. We are planning for him to enrol at the varsity earlier than schedule.
Abang Ngah went to school this morning as he has really been enjoying his friends (well, girlfriends) and he was very disappointed of not going to school prom, scheduled on Thursday. We bought him a pair of a new suit and wrote a letter to the Principal requesting the prom to be carried forward, but unsuccessful.

Abang Ngah was acting in a school theatre production last Wednesday, "Macbeth" and his 'silence movie' act was good enough to receive standing ovation.

Baby Muhaimin was excited all the way and busy preparing himself. We bought a big bear toy for his baby cousin and he was the one who excited. He had spent most of his life in Dubai for last eight years and only in Malaysia during summer, hence, he was really looking forward to being there, especially with opah, jadah and other immediate family members.

I am now officially a summer bachelor until early August!


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publicma said...


Saya di maklumkan, ada anak-anak dengan keputusan O level yang baik dan sijil kertas Bahasa Melayu Cambridge boleh memasuki UiTM & UIA (jika ingin belajar di tanahair) tanpa perlu SPM.