Monday, May 07, 2007

Rat Race

"One thing about the rat race; even if you win, you are still a rat." -Anonymous

I was a bit late to the office today and driving with a lot of things spinning on my mind. Traffic was okay throughout the whole stretch of the highways and speedometer reached 150 km/h. Breezing.
Most drivers were rushing to reach their destinations, yes, offices. Kind of a race.
I made a de tour in Barsha and passed through several new buildings which are a part of Dubai new development. I used to driving there in 2002 as my kids were schooling at the area. It was an empty deserted, a brand new township with Ski Dubai dome of Mall of Emirates standing majestically.
Classic Radio FM played some old songs. Reminded me about few passages of life.
Time flies.
When I reached last stretch from the desert road to Palm Jabel Ali, I could not help but speeding. Flew towards the end of the straight road.

Fast forward to a couple of years ahead, I could see, like Barsha, that area would be another bustling modern city called Madinat Arabia with the tallest tower in the world majestically standing reaching the sky.
And it would be another rat race in the desert when there will be lots of skyscrapers trying to outdo each other for attention!

And a hadith does mention about tall buildings in the desert built by Bedouins who are competing with each other to show off, as a sign of the end of the world.

I see it coming before my own eyes!

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