Thursday, May 10, 2007

Into the Sky and Back

I was a part of a broadcasting company for seven odd years. From a single person department into a big department. Love broadcasting world especially the technologies and of course, the glamour which comes along with a TV station like TV3.
Later when I was hired by Dubai Internet City in 2000 and in 2001 there was a plan to launch Dubai Media City, I was again assigned to assist the strategy and planning, including to bring the famous Arab brand but based in a foreign land, MBC from its base in London to Dubai.
I met with a lot of Arab media personalities along the way while with Dubai Media City. Even involved in several establishments of media companies which incorporated in Media City, one of them was Yusuf Islams' Mountain of Lights.
Again, when Dubai Internet City planned for a teleport business to cater the tenants of Media City, I was assigned to do the feasibility study and later incorporated , whom again I was in the pioneering team of a new satellite business.
At that time we had the monopoly giant to contend with.
After all these years, only yesterday I slipped into the used-to-be'competitor' home ground on top of the hill. I was back into memory lane.
I had left broadcasting world since 2002 but still have fascinations on this exciting industry. The home coming visit was for something else, but I enjoyed being in the broadcasting atmospehere!

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