Thursday, May 17, 2007

ABS Attack

My weight has been a great concern to me. Reaching certain phase in life, there shall be improvement in weight management as it could affect the health. Obese is a main problem to many, I am considered obese....alhamdulilah, the doctors (both at home and hospital) declared I am in excellent health.
Been going to gym and managed to shed over 2 kg last three months. Whatever weight reduction is an achievement. For the first time, I am under 90 kg, 89 kg to be exact.
There was an advertisement about free program called, ABS Attack at the club.
First time, most of participants (majority were obese) were nearly fainted due to ABS attack. The simple but rigorous exercise focusing on abs was really good. I could feel my stomach in pain trying to follow the instructor's movement. The sighing and muttering could be heard from all of us even though the music was loud.
Second time yesterday, we were using balls as part of the exercise.
It was really hard and painful to stomach., not easy to balance the body weight while strecthing around.
But I love it and looking forward to coming for the third session!

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