Sunday, September 25, 2005

Anwar at my Villa

Looking back through the tainted mirror, I could see myself in different images, splitting images in different colours. I could have been this and that. According to Emirates Airlines catchy slogan, life is a journey of self discovery. There are always surprises along the way to destiny. Ups and downs. Sweet memories will stay forever.
Friday 23rd September could have been just another day in my life. The Karnival Sukaneka Merdeka 2005, which was an idea for some time came to reality with a big bang. It was organised under my malaysian-uae yahoogroup banner with volunteers from my inner circle.
More than 200 Malaysian expatriates came to Mushrif Park and had fun. Autumn already here. Temperature was still about 40 but the carnival atmosphere was in the air. Mushrif Park, the largest public park (entrance fee is Dhs10) was swarmed by malaysian expatriates who came with their latest SUVs, MPVs, mercedes, BMWs, 4WDs, porsches.

Sukan rakyat between food (nasi lemak, mee goreng), free flow of mineral water and teh tarek was the main attraction. Both kids and adults were no different, immensely enjoying themselves to the hilt. They had fabulous time. I did.

The last week preparation reminded me of the students days and the efforts paid off with an overwhelmng response. This was the first time ever such an event organised in UAE and now they are already talking about the next one.

It was even memorable that TV3, Bernama, NST, Berita, Nanyang and local Gulf News were there to record this historical event.

Karnival Sukaneka was originally planned to coincide with the visit of Anwar Ibrahim. But I changed the plan and left Anwar out of the equation, even Agung was in Dubai and he was not invited (he was busy shopping and shopping though) . Not to mention gomen officials whom all kept themselves away.....too busy.

Anwar is one of those iconic leaders whom had affected lives, history and political scenarios in our country. His unceremonious sacking, humiliation, black eye and subsequent trumped up charges by Mahathir in kangaroo court were among the worst political episodes in the nation's post-merdeka history. I was among those hundreds of thousands who went up to express their angers.

I paid dearly for my job, being one of those angry young men, joined the reformasi movement to the spur of moment. Dared to speak at the rallies during 99 election at my kampung. Subsequently, I was sacked by TV3 but no regrets. It was a blessing in disguise after all, whereby I could have been another desperado with no mission, no story to tell my grandchildren of the days of our lives. And no Dubai in my life.

In about turn, Anwar requested to meet the Dubaians in a house, rather than in his hotel. I had earlier nominated, Hasnol, a young ambitious, talented and cool guy to be the coordinator of Anwar's visit with Zulkifli Noordin (who was staying in my hotel of california suite on his transit from Turkey) and Farizon (anwar's sister) as the link.

Being the oldest among the rebels yeh yeh (Billy idol song), I am kind of assuming leadership role but my inner circle boasts malaysian youth with brain powers. Hasnol, Affandy, Nizal and Nik are my core team members whom have been with me, labeled as kubu pembangkang and sidelined by the 'administration' , while several others are already a part of our usrah group with different roles.

With my my wife's approval, business as usual, as expected for umpteenth time, our house at Twar 3 was the venue for the meeting.

The carnival had taken its toll to most of us, especially my beloved wife whom took care of food and prizes preparation. She was still up until 3 am to prepare all the prizes and woke up early subuh to prepare for food.

I would never imagine to have a guest such as Anwar after Yusuf Islam graced our house, if I were still there living in Kelana Jaya. And there he was sitting in my couch, Anwar Ibrahim....If he ever becomes a prime minister in my life time, I will look back and smile......especially his remarks on my wife's cekodok......Anwar and cekodok.........